Gallery | Taito-ku, Tokyo Renovation: 80.70㎡ | Completed: December 2015 Photographs: Takumi Ota BEISHU GALLERY is located in Taito-ku, a historical Tokyo downtown area that continues to pride itself in craftsmanship. The gallery showcases Beishu, a brand that passes on the tradition of Beishu Hara, a craftsman of Japanese dolls whose craft was registered as an Intangible Cultural Property. The project sought to design an entrance, gallery, and showroom on the first floor of Beishu Building, built in the 1970s. Insider are two distinct spaces. The entrance boasts a high 3.8m ceiling. The gallery hosts movable furniture, and pendant lighting adds accent to the big space. Facing the gallery are ...

Modelia Days NAKANOBU

Apartment | Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo New build: 338.94㎡ | Completed: January 2016 Photographs: Takumi Ota Nakanobu is a town along a national highway in southern central Tokyo. Traditional pastry shops and Jazz festivals in this commercial district draw both the young and the old. The project faces a lively shopping street (shoten-gai) on the corner where a public bath and newspaper delivery station are also located. To contextualize the design, the building was kept low at four floors above ground with 12 units, in line with the scale of the surrounding buildings. The openings, which shift from the lower to upper floors, seek to assuage the massive and oppressive atmosphere that ...


Mixed-use Commercial | Minato-ku, Tokyo New build: 1136.75㎡ | Completed: February, 2014 Photographs: Koichi Torimura The project began by questioning what this site seeks to deliver in this given age. What if you offer new type of commercial building in the middle of Tokyo that feels like you are at home? Or a space that feels as if you are passing by familiar faces in your neighborhood? Or a setting where you can appreciate the gentle “aroma” of budding leaves and flowers? Aoyama 346 seeks to deliver these experiences with generous vaulted ceilings and atriums along the common corridors, toilets, rest area, and entrance. A careful attention was paid to ...

HASSELBLAD gallery/office

HASSELBLAD gallery / office

Gallery and office | Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Renovation: 94.58㎡ | Completed: October 2012 Photographs: Ryota Arata This is a renovation to create a new gallery and office for Hasselblad, a reputable Swiss camera manufacturer, in Jingumae 1-chome, Shibuya. The design references the geometry of the square, which is the standard format of Hasselblad cameras. This inspiration was combined with another drawn from the processes of framing and trimming in photography in finalizing the design. The black stainless echoes the beautiful, elegant look of Hasselblad cameras. Frames were overlaid through the gallery space to simulate the inner working of the camera.


Retail and office | Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Renovation: 94.58㎡ | Completed: September 2013 This is Hasselblad’s first office in Asia. Following the design elements used in the gallery and office next door, the space again references the geometry of the square and the materials used in Hasselblad cameras.

嘉悦大学 105教室改修

Kaetsu University – Renovation (Room 105)

University classroom | Kodaira-shi, Tokyo Renovation: 122.18㎡ | Completed: March 2013 Photographs: Ryota Arata This is a renovation of an old classroom at Kaetsu University in Kodaira-shi, Tokyo. The classroom was used to teach “office manners” to students majoring in office administration. The task was to transform this space to accommodate new needs. The ceiling was completely removed. While securing enough ceiling height, wood-wool cement boards, which absorb noise, were used as flat louvers and arranged in a rhythmic order. The design freed up the ceiling and the window opening areas to create a classroom that serves contemporary needs.

Kaetsu University – Admission Office

Admissions office | Kodaira-shi, Tokyo Renovation: 121.55㎡ | Completed: August 2013 Photographs: Ryota Arata A gateway admissions office was planned to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Kaetsu University’s establishment. The storefront space faces Suzuki Avenue, which serves as the “main entry” to the campus. Inside the rectangular space are a series of nesting objects that symbolizes the school’s “gate.” Videos of student activities, as well as activities that take place in the reception area and the lounge, are projected to the outside through these gates. Electrolyitically colored aluminum, echoing the school’s color, was used on surfaces to separate the office and the public spaces.


Aoyama Salon – Imperial Hotel Branch

Retail | Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Renovation: 51.77㎡ | Completed: February 2012 This is a renovation project for Aoyama Salon, a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of fine knits, at Imperial Hotel. The space sought to echo the elements of weaving threads in two’s and three’s.