Gallery | Taito-ku, Tokyo
    Renovation: 80.70㎡ | Completed: December 2015
    Photographs: Takumi Ota

    BEISHU GALLERY is located in Taito-ku, a historical Tokyo downtown area that continues to pride itself in craftsmanship. The gallery showcases Beishu, a brand that passes on the tradition of Beishu Hara, a craftsman of Japanese dolls whose craft was registered as an Intangible Cultural Property. The project sought to design an entrance, gallery, and showroom on the first floor of Beishu Building, built in the 1970s.
    Insider are two distinct spaces. The entrance boasts a high 3.8m ceiling. The gallery hosts movable furniture, and pendant lighting adds accent to the big space. Facing the gallery are layers of display shelves that "floats" in air. These shelves allows the showroom to emerge symbolically. The historical Beishu dolls sit on these floating shelves as if they are emerging from painted folding screens or the narratives that emerge from behind the golden clouds of the illustrative scrolls. Interlocking metal shelves (stage sets) shelter each narrative like the drifting golden clouds, while lighting from the walls and ceilings adds to the fantasy. The two different spaces connect seamlessly through the interplay of these floating cosmos.
    The facade uses gradation of dots, and light gently pours through the golden and kuchiki clouds that were reimagined from a contemporary standpoint.