• AOYAMA 346

    Mixed-use Commercial | Minato-ku, Tokyo
    New build: 1136.75㎡ | Completed: February, 2014
    Photographs: Koichi Torimura

    The project began by questioning what this site seeks to deliver in this given age. What if you offer new type of commercial building in the middle of Tokyo that feels like you are at home? Or a space that feels as if you are passing by familiar faces in your neighborhood? Or a setting where you can appreciate the gentle "aroma" of budding leaves and flowers? Aoyama 346 seeks to deliver these experiences with generous vaulted ceilings and atriums along the common corridors, toilets, rest area, and entrance. A careful attention was paid to the formal aspects of these angular spaces, along with the flooring materials and daylighting strategies so that the visitor can enjoy the air and "aroma." In sum, the design gives an opportunity to pause and reflect, while also offering the unexpected. The building drives the flow of activities while also sheltering them.